High Vibe was founded by one very passionate yogini and an incredibly health driven woman, both ex gymnasts and mothers of young children who have come together to create a space that encourages renewal.

High Vibe’s studio is located in an ambient setting surrounded by breathtaking views, with a team of passionate instructors dedicated to infuse your mind with clarity and your body with grace, their goal is for you to leave the mat feeling a heightened connection to yourself, moving mindfully into the best version of you.

Expect shifts in yourself as you expand your mind to what’s possible enforcing certainty and peace through the beautiful moving meditation that is, Yoga and Pilates.

Our Team


Co founder of High Vibe and very passionate yogini Katie injects her classes with passion and authenticity. Katie emphasizes physical alignment and attentiveness to ones individual breath, encouraging students to re-educate body awareness within themselves and bring back an overall sense of balance. Through energetic, progressive and creative flows you will move into a stronger version of yourself physically and mentally. After recently becoming a mother Katie has an intricate understanding of pregnancy and it’s effects on the human form and how to nurture yourself on your mat while experiencing this wonderful journey.


Co founder of High Vibe and astute business woman Emma manages the general day to day operations of the business, she has extensive experience in this field and brings passion and dedication to this team. Emma was an ex gymnast and has a love for health and fitness, combining all these attributes she is dedicated to ensure you experience with High Vibe is a satisfying journey.


Maegan’s classes encompass ’Ahimsa’ the sanskrit terminology translating into the complete absence of negativity in ones mind and body. Maegan sets the tone for her students to practice in a judgment free space, encouraging yogis to be their true authentic self, thus becoming more in tune and connected to themselves wholeheartedly. Maegan focuses on de-cluttering the mind through movement, alignment, breath and likes to compliment her classes with the nurturing touch of hands on adjustments.


Sally began her yoga journey more than 15 years ago practicing Iyengar which led to Vinyasa and Ashtanga. Sally is a 200 hour registered Yoga teacher and Pilates teacher. Her passion for both practices is infused organically into her classes. In Sally’s yoga classes you are led mindfully through gradual conscious movement building progressively to a strong and dynamic flow. Sally’s Pilates classes enforce slow and controlled exercises that translate into an energetic, tenacious experience.